“Dick had such a passion for his community. He was tenacious and single minded in his desire to give the best to the people he served. He had an enormous impact on the growth and development of Henrico County. He is truly one of the reasons Henrico County is one of the best run counties in the nation. On a personal note, I will miss Dick’s humor, his good natured teasing and his wisdom.”

–Henrico Supervisor Tommy Branin

“It is wonderful and quite amazing that Dick Glover found his calling in his 50’s, when most people are looking toward retirement. But being the Brookland Supervisor for almost 30 years was a calling to him as he served his District and County 24/7. He loved what he did-representing his community and its’ patrons. His dedication toward youth sports was amazing as Dick worked tirelessly to bring new and improved facilities to youth groups and Henrico schools. The County’s first all-weather track, RF&P Park, the Greenwood Road Sports Complex and the push for synthetic fields at all County schools were just a few of his efforts. His continued work on behalf of Hermitage High School led us to induct him into our Athletic Hall of Fame. We are so grateful for his never ending support of young people.”

–Retired Hermitage HS Athletic Director Bruce Bowen

“Dick was a loyal and longtime public servant who loved his community. He made an indelible mark during his career and so much of the good life in Henrico County has Dick Glover’s fingerprints all over it.”

–Former Virginia Delegate John Cox

“Having known him from his first days on the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, Dick Glover never saw a zoning case that couldn’t be made better. As he worked on a case, he would always confer with neighbors. As development in the Brookland District unfolded, Dick was always intent on preserving community. Glen Allen is a prime example, in light of his preservation of the Mountain Road corridor, creating the Cultural Arts Center, developing RF&P Park, preserving Meadow Farm, and being the visionary to build what is now named Glover Park. These are resources that will be enjoyed by generations to come.”

–Retired Henrico Deputy Manager George Drumwright

“As I reflect on Richard W. Glover, I remember his love for people. Through his vision, through his never ending efforts for the right zoning, for the right land use, for the best recreation facilities, through his principles and beliefs, and through his belief in God and family; He made a difference. [He made] a difference in Henrico County at large, a difference most assuredly in the Brookland district, a difference in his family, a difference in his friends and those who did not always agree with him. For all of us, and so many more around him, he did make a difference.”

–Retired Henrico County Manager Virgil R. Hazelett

“Dick Glover made all of us around him better at doing the tasks we took our oath of office to perform. He was the ultimate servant leader, and made an unforgettable difference in all aspects of Henrico County. I loved him like a brother and he often said the same.”

–Former Henrico Deputy Manager Harvey Hinson

“Dick Glover was an absolutely amazing and fantastic supervisor. On day one, he informed me that he was going to be a full-time supervisor. I can’t imagine anyone ever providing the service that Dick provided the Brookland constituents. No complaint or request for service was too small for Dick to give it his full attention. Never did he fail to give the other supervisors whatever aid was humanly possible.”

–Retired Henrico County Manager Bill LaVecchia

“Dick took his responsibilities as a county supervisor very seriously. He enthusiastically and effectively represented his district for nearly three decades. His knowledge of local land use processes and the county’s budget was unsurpassed. Dick was a master at cutting to the chase in policy deliberations. He also was a strong leader who loved serving his community while making government more accessible. I had the privilege of working alongside Dick for the last 24 years he was in office and saw firsthand his special ability to connect with employees and citizens on a personal level. He was a pivotal figure in Henrico County’s history, and his legacy will be long remembered.”

–Retired Board of Supervisors Clerk Barry Lawrence

“I had the privilege of working very closely with Mr. Glover on a number of projects in the Brookland District especially RF&P Park and The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. In my opinion Richard Glover was the consummate politician. He had a very clear vision of how he wanted to represent his constituents and especially the youth of the Brookland District. He prided himself on his responsiveness to those constituents and demanded County staff provide the same. I deeply appreciated the fact that he was always the first person to pick up the phone and thank you for that responsiveness and your efforts. While I admired and respected Mr. Glover as a politician what I always admired most was his deep pride and love for his family. A mention of one of his grandchildren always brought a huge twinkle to his eye.”

–Retired Henrico Rec. & Parks Director Wes Malcomb

“Dick Glover was larger than life. With his quick wit, sense of humor, and uncanny head for numbers, and his tireless and determined attention to detail, Dick faithfully and selflessly served Henrico County, and particularly residents of this Brookland community, for more than 30 years. Although he moved many mountains during his tenure on the Board of Supervisors, we remember him most for his unyielding and enthusiastic advocacy for youth sports. There was no place he would rather be than on an athletic field talking to young participants and their families. Henrico County proudly dedicates this sports facility to his memory. Welcome to Glover Park.”

–Memorial tribute at Glover Park in Henrico County

“His contribution to Henrico County was absolutely incredible. To have served that long, representing the Brookland District, he just moved mountains.”

–Henrico County Spokeswoman Tamara McKinney

(Quoting a passage from II Samuel, chapter 3) “‘…A prince and a great man has fallen in Israel.’ We celebrate today, but we don’t really know a great oak tree has fallen in our community. Dick Glover was a good and faithful servant. He was faithful over a few things, and I am certain now that God has made him ruler over many.”

–Henrico Supervisor Tyrone Nelson

“Dick was a unique individual. He cared deeply for his community and worked hard for Brookland for many years. He was a great leader who understood constituent service and how to help his friends and neighbors.”

–Former Delegate John O’Bannon

“Dick and I served together on the Board of Supervisors for almost 21 years. No one who served with him will forget his sense of humor and devotion to his constituents. He was particularly gifted in interacting with children, and it was a pleasure to watch how they reacted to a grownup who was willing to unleash his inner child. He would have been a great professional teacher had he taken that path in life. Dick was not only smart, but clever and quick witted. He understood the human condition and what motivated people. He also excelled at negotiation and the art of compromise, and found his niche in life when he went into politics.”

–Henrico Supervisor Pat O’Bannon

“Dick was a hard-working Supervisor who often knew as much if not more than County staff about the issue or cause he was advancing or defending for his constituents. His fierce dedication, quick wit, and boundless knowledge of government and politics were all on display during his long and illustrious career as a public servant. He made Henrico County a better place.”

–Henrico County Attorney Joseph P. Rapisarda, Jr.

“Glover promoted youth sports to the region’s benefit. Central Virginia stages tournaments and encourages teams. Glover devoted himself to the cause. He also proved a master at retail politics. He could make a shared round of coffee a morning tutorial in local politics, thereby lending a Henrico accent to Tip O’Neill’s observation that all politics is local.”

–Richmond Times-Dispatch

“There has never been a greater advocate of youth athletics and the young men and women in our community than Mr. Glover.”

— Henrico Supervisor Dan Schmitt

“Mr. Glover was an avant-garde member of the Board of Supervisors in that he brought to the County, the town meeting approach. This was done to make the citizens aware of County happenings.”

–Henrico Supervisor Frank Thornton

“He was an incredible man who put his heart and soul into Henrico. He had a passion for young people, especially youth athletics. .. He was driven by his faith and his commitment to his family. He demanded much from us, and we are all better public servants because of him.”

–Henrico County Manager John Vithoulkas

“Time will never erase the work you have accomplished here and the untold young lives you have positively affected.”

–“Missing man” plaque, RF&P Park Baseball Stadium

“No one epitomized public service and dedication more, nor was concerned more for his constituents and their well-being than Dick Glover. I so enjoyed working in the trenches with Dick as we each tried to be good and faithful public servants. I continue to reflect on our many share experiences and miss him a great deal.”

–Former Virginia Senator Walter Stosch

“A persistent, wise and beloved advocate for the county, Glover promoted youth sports, preserved the character of the Mountain Road corridor and established the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen as a vital regional amenity.”

–Style Weekly